PDP slams Ogun Reps candidate, Micky Kazzim over claims on SDG projects

PDP slams Ogun Reps candidate, Micky Kazzim over claims on SDG projects

PDP slams Ogun Reps candidate, Micky Kazzim over claims on SDG projects. Hon. Micky Kazzim, the Allied People’s Movement (APM) candidate for the House of Representatives in the Abeokuta South Federal Constituency, has drawn criticism for taking credit for various initiatives related to the Federal Government’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This is in response to the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) warning to Kazzim to “stop deceiving the people by laying claims to SDG Projects of the Federal Government” in the Abeokuta South Local Government.

Instead of misleading the public, the PDP urged the APM candidate to “come out publicly and reveal the whole Ogun people, the projects he financed from his own money in Abeokuta South.”

According to the DAILY POST, Kazzim invited people on Wednesday to commission certain school blocks that he said the government had arranged through the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on SDG (OSSAP – SDG).

However, Mr. Kamal Shodipo, the vice chairman of the PDP in the Abeokuta South Local Government, claimed that “it was not only a deception and a total untruth, but also a fraudulent conduct to be promoting SDG projects as a personal effort of Kazzim, even though he is in no position to do so.”

The 17 sustainable development objectives, according to Shodipo’s assertion in a statement, are intended to advance development around the world, particularly in underdeveloped countries.

The PDP leader questioned how the SDG had evolved into a platform for politicians to get support from gullible citizens and urged the presidency to take action.

The SDG initiatives are budgeted and funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and only an elected member of the National Assembly may propose or facilitate such projects, according to the PDP leader.

“Micky Kazzim is not a sitting member, how can he lay claims to nominating such projects,” asks Shodipo. Due to the fact that he currently resembles every other Nigerian, he could not have assisted with any projects. His assertion that he is such is false. Investigations ought to be conducted into the Senior Special Assistant to the President’s SDG office as well.

The people should be suspicious of these politicians who try to mislead them, he continued. Such people cannot be trusted if they are able to blatantly lie to the public in this manner. Politicians that behave in this way lie to get support from the electorate before elections.

“The initiatives are SDG programs, planned and funded by tax dollars from the Federal government.

“I don’t want to attack individuals for no reason, but I cannot turn a blind eye to such lies when we are all trying to see a new political system with trustworthy leaders, which is why it’s important to clear the air. What role does he claim he is playing in the projects he is facilitating?

“The PDP will always tell the truth when our candidates help out with personal or government initiatives, I assure you of that. Projects funded by public dollars are a right of the people.

The construction and renovation of classroom blocks at St. Augustine Primary School, Imo Methodist School, Okeyeke, Our Lady of Lord’s Primary School, Onikoko, C.A.C. Primary School Lantoro, St. James Primary School Idi-Aba Abeokuta, and A.N.L.G. Primary School, Ilugun all took place in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. Kazeem had identified himself as the facilitator of various SDG

According to DAILY POST, Mrs. Adeojoke Orelope-Adefulire, a former deputy governor of Lagos State, is President Muhammadu Buhari’s senior special assistant for the SDG.

When contacted, Hon. Kazzim stated that anybody may help with a project; they do not need to be a member of the House of Representatives.

“Let them travel to Abuja and inquire about the project there. It’s advantageous that they be aware of the ministry from where I oversaw the initiatives. They are reachable via letter or in person. Please understand that I don’t support those kinds of subpar efforts.

“Let them write whatever they want if they want to.

“You don’t have to be a member of the House of Representatives to oversee a project. I was a representative in the House. I understand how it functions,” he remarked.