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Peggy Ovire, the wife of Frederick Leonard, confronts Kiekie for suggesting that women should share expenses with their husbands.

Kiekie’s provocative interview generated significant responses when she stated that she wouldn’t reside in a home where she doesn’t contribute to rent and also financially supports her husband.

The comedian, who married Shonaola Ilori in February 2020, shared these views during a podcast hosted by media personality Toke Makinwa. Kiekie argued that it’s beneficial for women to share financial responsibilities with their husbands, as it lightens the load of household expenses.

However, taking to Instagram, Peggy, the wife of Nollywood actor, Fredrick Leonard tackled the comedienne, stating that Kiekie should admit she earns more than her husband that’s why she shares the bills.

According to Peggy Ovire, her husband won’t allow her to pay any bills, declaring that she must take care of their home and be there for emergency cases.

She wrote;

“Just say you earn more than your husband, Kikie, then bill sharing is a Must. It is my husband’s responsibility to pay the bills especially since he can afford it, mine is to take care of the home & be there for Emergency cases. My man won’t even let me pay jack”.