Persistent ghostly activity among nurses has forced the closure of a hospital.

In a series of extraordinary events, Zimbabwe’s Shale Clinic has been forced to close its doors due to reports of alleged sexual assaults perpetrated by an invisible entity or a “ghost.” This unprecedented incident has instilled fear among healthcare professionals and teachers in a nearby primary school.

According to reports, two female nurses and a male health technician abandoned their posts, claiming that they had been subjected to sexual abuse by an unseen creature. The terror appears to have extended to a nearby primary school, where teachers have also reported similar incidents. These educators have threatened to walk out if the situation is not comprehensively addressed.

In response to mounting concerns, the local villagers convened an emergency meeting. They collectively decided to seek the assistance of prophets and traditional leaders to confront this alarming situation. The villagers suspect the involvement of “tikoloshes,” mythical creatures from local folklore, in this reign of terror.

There is a consensus among the villagers to expel the supposed owner of these “tikoloshes” once they are identified. The closure of the clinic and the looming threat of a school shutdown have heightened the urgency for a prompt resolution to this unique crisis.