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Peruzzi proudly boasts of having composed more than 252 songs for his fellow musicians.

Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, the singer and songwriter widely recognized as Peruzzi, proudly announced his achievement of penning more than 252 songs for his peers in the Nigerian music scene.

The prolific songwriter disclosed that numerous Nigerian artists approach him for songwriting services.

Using his verified social media handle, Peruzzi cautioned fans from rival camps to cease disrespecting him, confidently asserting that he is the “oracle” that their favorite artists turn to when they seek hit songs.

He also voiced concerns about intellectual property theft within the Nigerian music industry and hinted at future interviews where he will reveal more on this matter.

He wrote,

“I’ve written over 252 records for your industry & you keep playing with your dads on this app.

“Ask your faves. Ask your gods.
I’m an Oracle. They consult me.
Don’t be silly.

“Industry wey na thief full am.
I go talk soon.
Granting interviews when I’m done with Sabali.”