Police Officers Opens Fire On Market Women, Injures 17Year Old Girl And Three Others.

Police Officers Opens Fire On Market Women, Injures 17Year Old Girl And Three Others.

Barely some weeks after youths across the country took to the streets to protest against police brutality, another bizarre show of brutality has triggered unrest in Yenagoa metropolis, capital of Bayelsa State, when some policemen opened fire at a crowded market, leaving four women critically injured on Tuesday evening.

Eyewitnesses said the policemen in a white Hilux SUV with registration number: Terropol, NFF 8643C, opened fire on the market women, inflicting life-threatening injuries on a 17-year-old trader and three others for allegedly causing traffic that delayed their van from passing through the popular Tombia market.

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Miss Joy Robert, who was with her foster mother when the incident happened, said: “While we were walking down the Tombia bridge, I saw a policeman shouting at market women to clear the road for their vehicle to pass.

“Before we knew what was happening, the policeman started pointing his gun at the women, ordering them to move out of the way. The women were still dazed by the cop’s action and while they hesitated to move, he began shooting on the ground.

“I thought I had been shot but I heard my mom screaming that she could not move her legs. It was at that point I realized that she had been shot on her leg. Some persons came to our rescue after the police van had left the scene, driving towards Amossoma but I was able to write the number of the van down.

“If they line up the policemen I can recognise them. All I want is justice for my foster mother. As we speak, the hospital is already saying that if we don’t pay an advance fee, they would discharge her from the hospital.”


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