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Prominent Nollywood Actor in Horrific Car Crash

Nollywood actor Kelechi Udegbe has conveyed his gratitude to God for his survival in a severe car accident. The actor shared photos and videos of the harrowing incident on his Instagram page on Sunday.

Kelechi emphasized that the accident had the potential to drastically change the trajectory of his life in an instant, but he credited God for coming to his rescue. Despite sustaining minor injuries, he reassured his followers that he is currently in good health and will be returning to work shortly.

He wrote:

“With immense gratitude to God almighty, I write these words with a heart full of mixed emotions.

“I was involved in a ghastly accident that almost altered the course of my destiny in almost the blink of an eye, but God, the MASTER PERFORMER performed an unbelievable miracle & gave me a second chance at life.

“I made it out of the accident alive but suffered minor injuries. I’m in good shape and will be back to doing what I enjoy doing best on your screen in a couple of days.

“This post is for God.

“This post is for everyone who believe in God.

“This post is for every one whom my unforeseen challenge has affected.

“God bless us all.”