PSG Thierry Henry sympathises with Mbappe

PSG Thierry Henry sympathises with Mbappe

Former Arsenal player Thierry Henry voiced concern over Kylian Mbappe’s situation at Paris Saint-Germain.

Henry questioned how PSG convinced Mbappe to stay with the squad given the summer’s abundance of Real Madrid transfer rumors.

The striker’s response to rumors that Mbappe wanted to leave PSG was this. He was a former striker for Barcelona.

Mbappe’s dissatisfaction may have been exacerbated by the fact that the ability to play on the wings he was allegedly promised hasn’t been fully materialized during his time at the club so far this season.

Thierry Henry, a former Arsenal player, expressed sympathy for Kylian Mbappe’s predicament at Paris Saint-Germain.

Henry also questioned how PSG persuaded Mbappe to stay at the team after the summer was filled with rumors that he would go to Real Madrid.

This was the striker’s response to reports that Mbappe wanted to quit PSG. He was a former Barcelona striker.

The flexibility to play on the wings that Mbappe was apparently promised hasn’t been completely realized during his stay at the club thus far this season, which has maybe contributed to his displeasure.

“But did they give him the impression that he was more important than the club, or that the club was less significant? And I believe that at some time, I will utilize my own story for myself… At Barcelona, I didn’t like to play high and wide. It irked me! I had to do it, though, for the team.

Nobody said, “Oh such a wonderful gesture to go play on the left,” that I overheard. However, I always keep in mind that there is just one rule: if the boss asks you to do anything, you must comply for the sake of the team. And your group is triumphant. I could see your case if your team were losing.