Senate calls for expeditious trial of crude oil thieves

Senate calls for expeditious trial of crude oil thieves

The Nigerian Senate demanded on Monday that crude oil thieves be tried quickly since their activities amounted to economic sabotage against the people and the country. Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, the president of the senate, made the request at a meeting with security chiefs in Abuja, noting how significantly crude oil theft had hindered the nation’s ability to achieve its yearly predictions.

The meeting with the chiefs of the security services on Monday was the second since the lawmakers left for their yearly holiday, according to DAILY POST.

Security personnel have done a good job of fighting off bandits who were either killed or captured alive, but more effort has to be put into stopping oil thieves, according to Lawan.

“We want to see trials of those who are arrested,” he added, “because when that occurs, residents will know that nobody, no matter how inebriated that person is, can get away with this type of illegal action.” Lawan urged Nigerian courts all around the country to swiftly decide cases involving crude oil theft and identify those responsible for the racketeering that has brought the country to its knees.

Lawan said that Nigeria had lost a significant amount of its crude oil, noting that at the most recent estimate, sources indicated that the country had only shipped little more than 900,000 barrels of crude oil.

“That is barely over 50%, and we need 1.8 million barrels per day to cover our costs and provide resources for development.

“I want to make a specific plea to the courts because once an oil thief is brought to court, we have to bring charges against them.

Taking away what they have taken and telling them to stop sinning is insufficient.

Lawan also applauded the Armed Forces and other security organizations for recent improvements in the nation’s security.

“In August, we hired the security companies.

“I am pleased that, following the summit, our military forces have made notable improvements in the battle against insecurity in our nation, and we are quite proud of that.

“We pray that this keeps going since you are the one who needs to accomplish the work since you began the effort.

“I’m sure Mr. President had in mind what the armed forces have been up to recently when he spoke of making sure we go back to normal by December 2022.

Lawan added, “I think the military and other security organizations have all they need in terms of spirit and resolve, but we still have to provide moral support.