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“Shame on you, Rema. I’m removing all your songs,” Gifty Powers chastises the artist.

Reality star Gifty Powers has taken to her Instagram page to drag Rema after his Ethiopia music concert was cancelled.

By postponing Rema’s eagerly anticipated concert in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government has generated a great deal of criticism. Concerns regarding alleged satanic connotations in the artist’s necklace were the reason behind the cancelation of the show.


After the incident, former Big Brother Naija contestant Gifty Powers publicly pointed fingers at Rema, alleging that his songs and imagery promoted satanism. Gifty Powers voiced her concerns about Rema on her social media platform, revealing that she had conducted her own investigation and firmly believed that Rema was indeed endorsing satanic themes in his creative work.

In her own words:

“To Rema, shame on you. I couldn’t believe it until researched it myself and found out REMA wore a necklace with a burned church turned upside down, like

The rate at people selling their souls to this idiotic devil eh!! Y’all think hell isn’t real…ok nahh. All these are for fame and money. SMH

Then watched the video of him and Madonna hugging. I knew he had already joined the 666, As the saying goes “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”…..You just lost a Fan. I’m deleting all your songs from my playlist. Nobody messes with my religion (Christianity)”