Signs of Liver Cancer That Demand Immediate Attention

Liver cancer, though relatively rare compared to other forms of cancer can be a silent and deadly disease. It often develops quietly with subtle symptoms that may go unnoticed until the disease has reached an advanced stage. Recognizing the symptoms of liver cancer is crucial for early diagnosis and effective treatment.

In this article, in accordance with information from “Healthline,” we will delve into the critical indicators and warning signs of liver cancer that must not be underestimated. Neglecting these symptoms can pose a significant risk to your overall health.

1. Jaundice

One of the most prevalent symptoms of liver cancer is jaundice, characterized by the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes. This discoloration arises when the liver struggles to process bilirubin effectively.

2. Abdominal Pain

The presence of persistent, unexplained pain or discomfort in the upper right abdomen is another potential sign of liver cancer. This pain, whether dull or sharp, may radiate to the shoulder or back, often signaling the presence of a liver tumor.

3. Unexplained Weight Loss

Sudden and unexplained weight loss is a typical symptom in various types of cancer, including liver cancer. As cancerous cells multiply in the liver, they can disrupt its normal functions, including metabolism.

4. Itchy Skin

Although less common, itchy skin can also be a symptom of liver cancer. This itching occurs when bile salts accumulate in the skin due to liver dysfunction and can be quite severe, affecting a wide area of the body.