The assault on the NLC Chairman constitutes an act of terrorism, asserts activist Paul.

Human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Njoku, has labeled the assault on Mr. Joe Ajaero, the Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Imo State, as an act of terrorism. In a concise statement provided to IGBERE TV, Paul expressed his concern over the governor’s reckless actions, which he believes have plunged the entire state into darkness, frustration, and panic.

Paul questioned whether Governor Uzodinma’s administration feels the need to resort to violence, intimidation, and aggression to assert its authority, stating, “Beating up Comr. Joe Ajaero, the labor leader, is an act of terrorism and excessive enthusiasm. Those misguided appointees of the Imo State governor who excel in causing hardship for the inept 3R government are now content.”

He went on to highlight how the administration’s recklessness has led to a state of darkness, frustration, panic, and insecurity across the region.

Paul concluded his statement by asking, “Is it necessary for them to resort to killing, injuring, attacking, and intimidating to demonstrate their hold on power?”

It should be noted that the NLC chairman was allegedly abducted and subjected to brutal treatment by suspected security personnel during a labor protest organized in Imo State the previous Wednesday. Ajaero was forcefully taken away and later reappeared with visible facial injuries, indicating that he had been physically assaulted. However, the Imo State Police command denied any involvement in his abduction.