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The Significance of Abstinence from Sex – Insights from Bolanle Olukanni

Media personality Bolanle Olukanni has reiterated the significance of practicing abstinence, emphasizing its role in simplifying romantic relationships.

Through her Twitter platform, Bolanle, a staunch advocate of abstinence, shared her views on the impact of sexual activity in romantic connections.

In her thought-provoking Twitter posts, she emphasized that engaging in sex can introduce complexities into relationships, hindering clear perspectives and sound judgments.

She challenged the notion that sex is merely a casual endeavor, asserting that its true purpose is to fortify the emotional bond between two deeply enamored individuals.

Contrary to the prevalent belief among today’s youth that sex is a casual affair, Bolanle contended that it transcends mere physical intimacy.

She underscored the significance of acknowledging and valuing the profound connection it forges.

Drawing from her personal experience with abstinence, Bolanle stated that it enables her to make more prompt and rational decisions in her relationships.

By redirecting the focus away from physical encounters and towards meaningful conversations and character assessments, she found that it nurtures a more profound sense of connection.

She wrote:

“Sex complicates everything. You can’t see clearly and you can’t make decisions properly. It was created to bond you to a person. Convince yourself allll you want that it is just sex. It’s not and will never be.

“I make relationship decisions quick because my mind is clear. I can see the person for who they are early on in the relationship.

“Sex isn’t distracting us. It’s about conversation, how do they treat me, what’s their character. These are the things that last!

“I love myself too much to short change myself. And no one will ever convince me otherwise. With the wisdom of GotaGrid guidance of the Holy Spirit I know this the right way to do this.

“When I tell people that abstinence is way to go when you are getting to know someone. They think I’m crazy. It’s not me that will be deceived because of my hormones. Sweetie you ain’t in love you are just horny.”