Things You Should Know About Ladies That Wear Anklet

To begin with, what is an anklet?

An anklet is a bit of jewellery  —  usually a chain or dots or both  —  that fashionable women commonly wear around their lower legs as a fashion proclamation.

Nigerians now and again call it, ‘leg chain’ or ‘lower leg chain’. It is likewise here and there called ‘lower leg arm band’ in mainstream society terms. They likewise generally come in various structures.

It’s commonly seen on Female Nigerian celebrities and runs girls. Truth remains that many Nigerian Ladies do not know the truth behind the anklet they are wearing.

Through history notwithstanding, anklets have meant various implications to various societies and indeed, it implies indiscrimination to some cultures  —  ancient or contemporary occasions.

Most punctual usage

While Egypt is normally credited as the primary ground of usage, India appears to be the main significant ground for acknowledged usage as a component of the pattilu, payal or nupu. It is likewise called Paujinupur or the padapadma.

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Early history records the Silappatikaram, a first – century story of the anklet and Rajasthani women were likewise hefty anklet clients.

Customarily, to the Odisha individuals of India, no one but fighters could wear gold anklets. Ladies additionally wore them as a feature of their total wedding formal attire.

In India, they were generally worn by hitched women to recognize them in India while the ones with hanging ringers were worn by artists.

Early types of utilization additionally follows to old, predynastic Egypt where it was a type of class distinction  —  to tell rich from poor. Spouses of rich men wore gold chains while the slaves, poor or plebeians donned silver, metallic or cowhide anklets.

Obviously, it was tied in with adjusting to the social layers or reasonableness. In any case, it was a fashion adornment. They were additionally called menefret or kholkai.

A few records anyway guarantee admirers of the divinity, Baal recommended anklets for prostitutes  —  those accounts anyway remain generally unsubstantiated.

Nowadays notwithstanding, Egypt no longer uses such prominent fashion adornment because of the ascent of Islam as the significant religion in the region  —  dancers actually wear them, anyway for commotion impacts of just decorating.

Modern usage and twisting of its significance
Anklets became standard mainstream society embellishment, most prominently as a component of the ‘skank transformation’ around 70s America, soon after the appearance and experimentation of the ‘thundering twenties’.


This period represented articulation among modern women to act as indicated by privilege. It was likewise a period of sexual freedom.

Anklets likewise turned into a mainstream embellishment with women of this time, that presumably distorted the view of anklets as extra for wanton women.

From that point, it turned into an image for a “hotwife” and there are eccentricities with that impact. It is an indication of accessibility. Others may consider it to be a basic fashion adornment, yet, it doesn’t pardon its imagery for indiscrimination and sexual progressivism.

Who is a ‘hotwife’?

This is essentially a term for a wedded lady, actually open to sexual associations with other men, without protest from her better half.

Around October 2017, for EliteReaders, Faye Williams separated the different indications of a hotwife comparable to anklets in the accompanying way;

  1. Hotwife: Two male images, one female symbol  —  This is an obvious image of accessibility to accessibility to any race of men.

  2. Hotwife: Queen of Spades  —  Letter ‘Q’ and spade image represented inclination for individuals of color.

  3. Hotwife: Heart symbol  —  Heart image in the anklet represents an upbeat marriage. It is anyway open to personal connections of shared advantages.

  4. Hotwife: The way to happiness  —  It represents a cheerful marriage where the spouse can just philander with his wife’s authorization.

The game is the game  —  but must we generally judge?

Notwithstanding the history, most Nigerian women wear anklets as fashion accessories. The greater part of them don’t have the smallest thought of its history as an image of class or sexual radicalism.


While the explanation these women are judged cruelly is reasonable and a portion of these women are modern and reformist by African traditionalist guidelines, it doesn’t mean liberal indiscrimination in present occasions.

We should simply leave anklets for what they are  —  fashion accessories.

Women shouldn’t be judged cruelly for their fashion decisions as they have been judged brutally for a really long time.

It is a lady’s decision what she additionally decides to do with her body.

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