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To me, success isn’t defined by money – Davido.

He emphasized that wealth should not be confused with success, emphasizing that true success is about positively impacting the lives of those within one’s community.

He expressed, “To me, success isn’t measured in monetary terms. It’s about the positive changes and impact you bring to your community.”

To elaborate on his perspective, the “Timeless” singer vividly painted a picture with words, saying, “I envision myself, maybe at the age of 40 or 50, sitting on my balcony, just like I did when I spoke my success into existence.”

“In my vision, I see myself owning grand estates, dressed in a luxurious Versace robe, sipping cognac, strolling to the balcony overlooking my domain.

“As I gaze below, I see my wife, friends, children, and dedicated staff, all celebrating their individual successes. It’s a testament that this dream began with my passion for music. This vision, it’s always there.”