We don’t want to interfere with the election in Igboland, says IPOB.

We don't want to interfere with the election in Igboland, says IPOB.

We don’t want to interfere with the election in Igboland, says IPOB.. According to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), there would be no interference with the 2023 elections in Igboland.

In a press release to DAILY POST, the group’s media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, said that none of the rumors circulating about supposed preparations to sabotage the 2023 elections in Igboland were true.

Instead of blaming IPOB for their actions, the group blamed the federal government of orchestrating insecurity in the South East.

In a recent video that just appeared on the internet, Mr. Simon Ekpa, a breakaway member of IPOB, declared that the organization would not permit any elections to take place in Biafraland.

However, Powerful declared in a press statement on behalf of IPOB that “violent agitation has never been, is not now, and will not ever be a part of our modus operandi in our agitation for independence.

This explains why we have insisted time and time again that the UN organize a referendum in Biafran territory so that the Biafran people may decide their own fate. To this end, IPOB does not currently have any plans to interfere in the chaotic election in Nigeria, nor will it promote, support, or urge any individual or organization to do so.

“IPOB has repeatedly made it known that we are uninterested in and unable to legitimize the anomaly they refer to as the Nigerian election. We are a disciplined, concentrated, and focused organization fighting for liberation, not political thugs, and IPOB is committed to the cause of liberating our people from slavery and oppression in the contemporary period. We will not allow ourselves to be sidetracked from this particular goal.

“IPOB is not interested and will never become involved in any fraudulent pre-election or post-election problems in Nigeria,” the organisation stated. Our mission is to use the gospel of truth that our leader has previously preached to help the blind see.

“Whoever is funding any organization or gang-tagging them as IPOB is on their own. IPOB is one big family with a single central command and leadership, for the hard of hearing.

We will release a statement through our official channels if the IPOB leadership decides to do so in the future on the approaching election in Nigeria.