Why Combination of Beans, Fried Plantain Is Unhealthy – Experts

Undoubtedly, beans and fried plantain, fondly known as ‘dodo,’ is a delectable meal cherished by most Nigerians. The amalgamation of these culinary delights leaves one yearning for more.

However, the sheer deliciousness of a meal doesn’t necessarily equate to its healthiness.

When foods are aptly paired, they offer benefits to every organ in the body. Yet, improper food combinations can lead to various health issues, with the liver often bearing the brunt, and in severe cases, it may result in serious illnesses or even fatalities.

A prominent Twitter user, @prof_pius, took to his Twitter page to elucidate why the combination of fried plantain and beans might not be the healthiest choice.

According to his explanation, preparing beans with unripe plantain presents no issues. In fact, this combination is considered a harmonious pairing that facilitates digestion.

However, as it ripens, the same plantain transforms into a fruit,” he added.

“So, when plantains are subjected to heat, their inherent sweetness, known as fructose, undergoes a transformation into acidity. And not just any acidity, but a highly acidic state. When fruits are altered by heat, they become detrimental to the body. And who bears the brunt? The liver!

“Now, here’s the issue at hand. Beans typically require a digestion period of five to seven hours before they fully exit the stomach. Conversely, ripe plantains demand just three hours.

It’s important to note that no fruit undergoes digestion in the stomach but rather in the terminal ileum, while beans go through digestion in the stomach.

“When ripe plantains are combined with beans, a conundrum arises. Ripe plantains aim to make their way out of the stomach and head towards the terminal ileum, where they digest effortlessly. However, beans obstruct this path. This unseen battle persists for an extended period, unbeknownst to you, and it eventually leads to fermentation,” Pius elaborated.

He therefore referred to the combination of beans and ripe Plantain as ‘Delicious Poison’.

Kemi Lopsam, a natural health doctor and an acupuncturist based in Akure, first spoke about this in 2019 on a website called Newsroom. According to Lopsam, “cooking food like beans with unripe plantains has no problems. It is a perfect combination that makes digestion easy.” But cooking beans with ripe plantains is unhealthy.

She explained that heat turns fructose into acid, and many diseases stem from acidity. Acid-forming foods are unhealthy and dangerous and can cause heart problems, ulcers, and gastrointestinal reflux.