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Why I Ceased Attending Church – Daddy Freeze

Prominent media personality Ifedayo Olarinde, more commonly known as Daddy Freeze, has revealed that his attendance at church came to a halt after his pastor insisted that he sit in the back rows following his divorce.

During his recent appearance on the Teju Babyface Deep Dive podcast, Daddy Freeze disclosed that shortly after his divorce in 2014, the church’s pastor asked him to take a back seat because of his divorced status.

The on-air personality clarified that prior to his divorce, he had been an active church worker deeply involved in the organization of the church’s events. However, he was promptly expelled from these responsibilities following his divorce.

In response, Daddy Freeze chose to cease attending church altogether instead of concealing himself in the back rows. He explained that he started dedicating his Sundays to the study and research of scripture, leading him to the realization that many of the teachings propagated by Nigerian churches were fundamentally flawed.

Daddy Freeze said,

“My marriage had always been troubled and in 2014 it came to an end. And I remember I used to do events in my church. The church minister used to pay me then to do events which I celebrated. At least, the pastor was not eating all the money, he was sharing with the people who were working.

“I was booked for an event that I used to do for the church, and I got a call that I should cancel it because of my divorce or pending divorce drama. And I was like, ‘Because I’m going through a divorce does that remove God from me?’ I questioned that too.

“Then the pastor came to my house and we had a conversation. He was like, ‘I’m not telling you not to come to the church but when you come to the church, sit at the back.’ And I was like what’s all this? So, that made me sit at home on Sundays. Instead of going to church and hiding, is it not better that I sit at home?

“So, sitting at home on Sundays now started feeding the holes in my brain.”