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Why I Have No Regrets About Pursuing My Dream After Leaving My Family in the US – Shaffy Bello

Nollywood sensation Shaffy Bello has disclosed that she harbors no regrets regarding her divorce and the decision to part ways with her family in the United States.

The acclaimed actress, who had once stated that her marriage was her greatest regret, has since revised her perspective following a reconnection with her children.

While she was previously apprehensive about leaving her husband and kids in the United States, Shaffy Bello now expresses a change in her sentiments.

In her words:

“I don’t think I’ve any regrets in life. One of the biggest things I used to think was a regret was leaving my ex-husband and children in the U.S and coming to Nigeria and losing all of that.

“Years later, my children came and we were talking. We always sit and talk. So, I started telling my children about things. And one of my kids, my daughter, told me, which was even more important to me, ‘Mummy, I’m so glad you did what you did. Because seeing you going to get your dream, it made me realised that I should go get it. At your age, you can do this? That means I can do it, there’s no limitation.’

“That [divorce] used to be my regret but look at how God turned it around. So, it’s no longer a regret.”