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“Why I hesitated to marry Jumobi – RMD”

Richard and Jumobi have enjoyed a 23-year marriage, blessed with two children.

Nollywood icon Richard Mofe-Damijo, also known as RMD, recently shared the reasons behind his initial hesitation to marry Jumobi Adegbesan. If you were a dedicated viewer of AIT in the late 1990s and early 2000s, you likely remember her as the anchor of the popular program ‘Lunch Break.’ Jumobi later left the show to pursue various interests, one of which was building a family with RMD.

Richard and Jumobi have celebrated 23 years of marriage and have been blessed with two children. However, prior to his 2000 marriage, RMD was wed to the late Nigerian journalist and publisher, May Ellen-Ezekiel (MEE), who tragically passed away in 1996 due to surgery complications.

In a recent interview with comedian Teju Babyface, the 62-year-old actor opened up about his initial reluctance to marry Jumobi, citing a rather unusual reason. Reflecting on moments when she displayed acts of kindness before their marriage, he confessed, “I was terrified of marrying her because she was exceptionally kind. I expressed my concerns about her changing after marriage, to which she reassured me she wouldn’t. I even told her that if she did change, I’d be devastated because she was so genuinely good. Before our marriage, I confided in her that my biggest fear was not deserving her.”

Richard also shared a specific incident when Jumobi visited his home before they tied the knot and met some other women there. He was perplexed by her reaction, saying, “I couldn’t understand why she was so kind and didn’t confront the situation. I was genuinely afraid to marry her.”

The actor, who also served as the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State in 2009, revealed that during the lowest points in his life, he would apologize to Jumobi. Her responses always reminded him of his responsibility to slow down and appreciate her even more.

Regarding infidelity, RMD acknowledged the challenges of remaining faithful in marriage and described women as temptresses using terms like ‘Delilah’ and ‘Jezebels.’ He emphasized that many married male celebrities, including himself, are often targeted by desperate young women seeking to lure them into infidelity. The actor admitted that these temptations can be overwhelming if not handled with care.

He explained, “Being faithful is difficult. You know, in our line of work, it’s tough because, let’s be honest, every married man is a target. I mean, look at how persistent women can be. It’s hard to avoid. Women are like Delilah, like Jezebel. They are cunning and well-prepared.”

RMD, a theater arts graduate, emphasized that one way to thwart these temptations is to continually focus on the sanctity of one’s marriage and the image of God within the home. “You protect it, like a general in the army guarding the battalion. The mission of these temptresses is to undermine the head of the household,” he concluded.

Dealing with Extramarital Affairs
When questioned about how wives should handle situations where other women are pursuing their husbands, RMD emphasized the importance of the husband making sure his wife comprehends the challenges at hand. He stressed that if the wife remains unaware or unprepared, it leaves room for potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

In response to why some women opt for divorce when their husbands cheat, even on rare occasions, RMD pointed out that these marriages often dissolve because the women fail to grasp their role in the relationship. He emphasized that marriage isn’t a competition but a partnership, and some women may lack the necessary grounding to understand the dynamics.

Drawing a comparison to animals protecting their territories, he suggested that couples, particularly women, should be vigilant and assertive in safeguarding their relationship.

Navigating Celebrity Scandals
Celebrities are frequently associated with scandals, particularly in their marriages and relationships. During the podcast discussion, Teju Babyface asked RMD how he has managed to maintain a relatively scandal-free career.

RMD disclosed that he approaches such situations with a smile and strives to maintain a civil demeanor, recognizing the potential pitfalls that surround public figures. He emphasized the need to tread carefully in the spotlight, likening it to a dance.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, who once revealed that he achieved his championship status by avoiding distractions like women and clubs, RMD shared a similar approach. He explained that he avoids clubs unless necessary, preferring to spend time with a close-knit circle of friends who help safeguard his reputation. This way, he ensures his safety regardless of the circumstances that may arise.