Why we’re yet to pay trainers’ allowances – NDE

Why we’re yet to pay trainers’ allowances – NDE
Why we’re yet to pay trainers’ allowances – NDE. The National Directorate of Employment (NDE) has provided an explanation for why trainers’ allowances haven’t yet been paid.

Alhaji Abubakar Fikpo, the Director-General of the Directorate, broke the quiet on Friday in Taraba State’s capital city of Jalingo and claimed that errors in the trainers’ accounts’ information were to blame for the payment delay.

At the Youth Transformation, Training Scheme for Vocational and Technical Skills orientation ceremony, he made this statement.

Why we’re yet to pay trainers’ allowances – NDEspoke through one of his directors, Mallam Ibrahim Musa, was caused by the necessity for caution and accountability in the administration of public funds.

He thought it was now vital for the trainers to provide the directorate with accurate information regarding their company’s account details in order to remedy this.

“Discrepancies in their accounts information are the cause of the recent delay in our trainers’ payments,” he stated.

Saddened, he added, “that some of the trainers provided other account data outside of their incorporated company’s account details,” adding that “the NDE has engaged only registered trainers,” thus this one act “has become a difficulty.”

He urged them to be more patient while saying that measures “are on the way to fix the disparities,” and he reassured them of the directorate’s commitments to start paying their allowances right away once the much-needed details are made available.

He warned them to send their accurate information on their accounts as registered with the corporate affairs commission, acknowledging that the trainers “are our significant partners in which without you, our program cannot be achieved.”

Before settling the matter, it should be recalled that several of the trainers went to the media to voice their sadness at the directorate leadership’s delay in paying their allowances.